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Turn your #vanlife daydreams into reality. 

Rent a Campervan

Have you ever thought about unplugging and traveling on your own terms in a campervan?  Whether you have been wondering what #vanlife is all about, or are getting ready to live the life full time, it never hurts to try it first in a rental. 

Vander offers a variety of compact campervans that are easy to drive and allow you to go where you please.  All of our campervans are less than 18 feet long and come fully equipped with all of the basic gear that you need to head out for the weekend. 

#Vanlife means a little something different to everyone.  Now is a great time to try it out for yourself!  Let us know what you are looking for and we would be glad to consult on your travel plans.  

Woman standing on hill overlooking forest under white cloutds and blue sky.  Title "The Solo Life" by Georgia Girl Meets World

Find out how Georgia Girl Meets World from The Solo Life travel blog fared on her very first campervan experience in a Vander Cascade rental. Check out her blog, it has a ton of great travel ideas, both local to the DC area and further afield! 

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Give the Gift of a Memorable Travel Experience

Brian D

Arlington, VA

My experience with Vander Outdoors was one of a kind.  From the initial discourse about our roadtrip to Maine, down to the intricate details of the operational elements of the van, Justin was outstanding.

Fan Z

Wheaton, MD

Our van handled well and maneuvered easily through rush hour traffic.  The sofa was super comfortable to sit on while cooking and relaxing, and effortlessly converted into a sleeping platform that comfortably slept two adults.  

Ryan R

Alexandria, VA

Reasonably priced for a really well equipped little van.  The layout of the van was awesome and really maximized the available space. 



Vander is a small, veteran-owned campervan rental business in the Washington, DC area, focused on helping people plan relaxing and memorable camping trips.  We provide high-quality, adventure-ready vans and equipment so you don't have to put off your trip another week.  


Open the door to new experiences and fresh perspectives through immersive travel, let us help with the planning.  


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