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The DMV Cruiser (2-4 people)

Explore the outdoors in the Blues Traveler
Comfortable Bed
Full Kitchen
Convenient control of electrical functions
Dine Indoors
Seating Area
Interior layout of the DMV Cruiser campervan in 2-person configuration

Standard 2-seat Layout

Interior layout of the DMV Cruiser campervan with optional rear bench seat

Optional 4-seat Layout

The DMV Cruiser is a Dave and Matt Vans LV3 built on the RAM ProMaster 136-inch wheelbase.  Designed with efficiency in mind, the DMV Cruiser makes the most of its compact footprint, offering everything you need to be fully off-grid in a maneuverable and convenient package.

The interior maximizes utility, comfort, and style to bring your #vanlife experience to the next level.  At 17 feet, 9 inches long with an incredibly tight turning radius, the DMV fits effortlessly into any parking space and is as easy to drive in the city as it is on the backroads.

The fully functional kitchen features a single-burner induction cooktop, so need for propane or butane fuel.  The 12V compressor fridge keeps food and perishables fresh, and includes a small freezer.  The full-size sink with electric water pump pulls from the removable 7 gallon fresh water tank, and drains into the removable gray water tank.  

The robust 200Ah lithium battery bank will power your electrical needs.  The batteries charge from the roof-top solar panel and the vehicle's alternator, when the engine is running.  A 2000W inverter powers standard AC outlets and the induction cooktop.  

The DMV Cruiser includes Dual Maxxair Fans to circulate fresh air, and a Webasto Peak Heating System to stay toasty warm during chilly nights through all four seasons.  A removable second row of seats allows seating for up to four people and folds out of the way when in camp.   

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