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Terms and Conditions

1.  Reservations

  • Reservations must be booked and secured with payment at least 48 hours prior to departure.

  • All bookings require a 3-night minimum, unless otherwise agreed.  

  • Rentals shall be returned before the end date and time listed on the reservation.  There are no refunds for early returns or unused rental nights.  

  • Vander reserves the right to refuse any rental application or reservation at our discretion.  Any reservation canceled by Vander will receive a full refund. 

2.  Payments

  • A reservation deposit secures the rental dates for bookings completed at least 2 days before departure.  The remaining balance is paid 48 hours prior to departure.  The reservation will either be 25 percent of the total amount, or $250, whichever is more.

  • Vander accepts credit card payment from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  The renter’s name must match the name on the method of payment.  The renter must be prepared to present the payment credit card and photo driver’s license for verification at the time of departure.  

3.  Deposits

  • A refundable security and damage deposit of $1,000 will be authorized (not charged) to the form of payment two days before the departure date.  The amount of the deposit authorization may vary based on insurance terms and the discretion of Vander.  

  • The security and damage deposit will be used to cover any of the following expenses:

    • Damage to the rented vehicle or included equipment during the rental period, regardless of fault

    • Insurance deductible for clients that booked directly with Vander (note: Outdoorsy clients are responsible for deductible payments)

  • The security and damage deposit may be used to cover any of the following expenses, in the event that the amount cannot be charged to the method of payment on file:

    • Additional mileage

    • Traffic violations and parking tickets

    • Fuel and convenience surcharge,  if the vehicle is returned with less fuel than at departure

    • Supplemental cleaning fee, at the discretion of Vander's representative

  • The security and damage deposit authorization will be reconciled and released seven days after return to Vander.  If any charges are necessary, they will be processed against the pre-authorized amount. 

  • The renter is responsible for any damage to the vehicle from the time of departure until the vehicle has been checked back in by a Vander representative.  Interior and exterior pictures taken by Vander representatives at the time of departure and return will be used as the basis for determining damage during the rental period.  Renters are allowed and encouraged to take their own photo and video during check-in and checkout; however, Vander pictures take precedence as the documentation of record. 


4.  Cancellation Policy

  • Grace period.  The renter may cancel the reservation with a full refund within 48 hours of the time of booking, if the departure is still more than 2 days away.

  • If canceled more than 48 hours before the departure date, the renter will forfeit the reservation deposit.  Unused insurance and roadside assistance coverages will be refunded in full.  

  • If canceled less than 48 hours before the departure date, the renter will forfeit the entire reservation amount.  Unused insurance and roadside assistance coverages will be refunded.  

  • No refunds will be issued for changes made on or after the date of departure.

  • Any reservation canceled by Vander LLC will receive a full refund to the method of payment.  

  • When circumstances require a change to the contract rental period, the cancellation policies above apply. 



5.  Rental Departure

  • Checkout, orientation, and inspection times are between 4 p.m and 8 p.m., based on appointment availability.  

  • Vander conducts departures at 5801 North Kings Highway, Alexandria, Virginia 22303 in the vicinity of the Huntington South Metro Kiss and Ride parking lot.  

  • Select the desired departure time during the reservation checkout process.  The time is subject to availability and will be confirmed or scheduled by a Vander representative after the reservation is secure. 

  • The departure orientation and inspection takes between 30-45 minutes, remember to factor this time into travel planning.

  • The renter must present a valid driver’s license issued from the state or country of residence at the time of departure.  The license must be valid for the entire rental period.  If the driver’s license is in a language other than English, an International Driver’s Permit is recommended. 

  • Requests for early or late departure incur a half-day charge.  

6.  Parking

  • Vander does not offer secure parking facilities for customers to leave their vehicles during the rental period.  

  • The metro stations in Huntington (Yellow Line), Franconia-Springfield (Blue Line), Vienna (Orange Line), and Wiehle-Reston (Silver Line), as well as Dulles International Airport (IAD) and National Airport (DCA), offer multi-day parking facilities for customers needing to park a vehicle during the rental period.  


7.  Mileage Policy

  • Bookings include 150 miles per day.  Additional miles cost $.35 per mile over the included allowance. 

  • Mileage is cumulative and is calculated by subtracting the odometer reading at departure from the odometer reading at return. 


8.  Rental Return

  • Booking nights reserve a 24-hour period of use.  

  • Rental returns are between 4p.m. – 8p.m. daily, subject to schedule availability, at the same location as departure.  A Vander representative will check-in the vehicle with an initial walk-around inspection, insurance pictures, recording of mileage and fuel levels, and a visual check of components and equipment.  Plan approximately 10 minutes for return check-in.  

  • Select the desired return time during the reservation checkout process, a Vander representative will confirm or coordinate an alternate time after the reservation is secure.

  • The vehicle should be returned in the same condition that it departed:  swept clean, fuel tank filled, refrigerator empty, dishes hand washed, all included equipment present, and personal items and trash removed.  The assessment of cleaning fees is solely at the discretion of Vander.

  • Renters will NOT take the vehicle through a touch-less carwash facility.  Damage incurred from an unauthorized carwash will result in an insurance claim and retention of the security deposit.  

  • No refunds for early returns. 


9.  Fuel Policy

  • Customers will only use the type and grade of fuel designated for that vehicle, as directed on the vehicle departure form.  The renter is fully responsible for any towing, repair, lodging, and transportation expenses incurred as a result of using the incorrect fuel in a vehicle. 

  • Fuel is recorded by the 1/8th of a tank.  Vehicles, as a rule, will depart with a full tank of gas and should return with at least 7/8th tank on the fuel gauge.  Vehicles returned with less than the departure level will be refilled at cost (receipt provided), plus a $10 convenience fee. 

  • Vander provides anecdotal information about fuel economy, but does not guarantee the mileage that a customer will experience during a trip.  Mileage will vary depending on driving behavior, road conditions, weather, altitude, and other factors. 

  • Fuel canisters for the cooking stoves are included for initial use.  Renters are responsible for obtaining replacement canisters, if needed.  The duration of the fuel canisters will vary based on the type of cooking, number of meals cooked per day, temperature, and altitude.  


10.  Tolls and Tickets Policy 

  • Vander vehicles are equipped with EZpass transponders.  Tolls are calculated at actual cost (with EZpass receipts) after vehicle return and charged post-trip to the method of payment.  

  • Tickets (speeding, parking, minor traffic violations, toll violations) received after return will be charged to the method of payment at cost, plus a $50 processing fee per ticket.


11.  Responsibility for Damage or Loss 

  • Renter is responsible for all damage or loss related to the vehicle and any included equipment during the rental period, whether at fault or not. 

  • Renter must report all accidents or damage involving the vehicle to Vander within 6 hours of the occurrence. 

  • In the event of an accident, the renter must secure a copy of the police report and the insurance information of any other involved parties.  

  • In the event of vandalism to the vehicle, the renter must secure a complete police report and notify Vander within 6 hours of discovery.

  • Renter agrees to pay accident damages with the method of payment on file or the security deposit, and assumes responsibility to submit accident reports and claims to the proper authorities in a timely manner. 

  • Renter is responsible for all damage to the interior or exterior not caused by incident or accident, whether aware of damage or not. Damage not caused by vandalism, incident, or accident is the sole responsibility of the renter. 


12.  Maintenance and Breakdown Terms

  • Renter is responsible for damage due to negligence while operating the vehicle or failure to provide routine preventive maintenance.  The renter is responsible for checking tire pressure daily, maintaining a clean windshield and windows, and operating the vehicle in a safe manner for the duration of the rental. 

  • Roadside assistance coverage is MANDATORY for the duration of the rental period.  The renter can either purchase roadside assistance coverage through Vander, or provide documentation of equivalent roadside assistance coverage (AAA membership, insurance policy, credit card benefit) within 48 hours of booking. 

  • In the event the vehicle requires repair that extends beyond 12 hours through no fault of the customer, Vander will refund the applicable portion of the nightly rate. 

  • The client will immediately notify Vander in the event of a mechanical breakdown or damage,  to include the illumination of the check engine light (CEL).  

  • The renter will obtain prior authorization from Vander before having any maintenance (emergency or scheduled) or repair performed on the vehicle.  The renter will be responsible for all expenses and damages that result from unauthorized repairs.  

  • Most compact campervans are not equipped with climate control (air conditioning or furnace) in the living/sleeping area.  These are design choices, not a defect in the vehicle, and therefore are not cause for a refund.  

  • Vander is not liable for renter expenses due to unforeseen breakdowns beyond our control. 

  • In the event of an accident or act of vandalism, the renter is responsible to obtain a police report and collect the other party’s insurance information.  Upon return, Vander LLC will estimate the damage, if any, and expedite the cleaning and/or repair.


13.  Tires and Windshield 

  • Renter is responsible for damage or loss from tire or windshield damage.

  • For your safety, DO NOT attempt to change a tire yourself.  Call the roadside assistance service for vehicle recovery and tire replacement.  The renter will be liable for any damages resulting from attempts at unauthorized repair or replacement.  

  • Renter is responsible for windshield damage while the vehicle is in their possession.  If windshield protection is included in the vehicle protection package, the renter will be responsible for the deductible.  

  • Vander does not reimburse tire or windshield replacement expenses that did not receive prior approval from a Vander representative.  


 14.  Smoking Policy

  • There is no smoking or vaping of any kind allowed in Vander vehicles.  A campervan returned with any noticeable smoke odor will incur an automatic $300 cleaning fee.  


15.  Hitch Policy

  • Select Vander vehicles are equipped with hitch receivers to allow installation of a bike rack.  Vander vehicles are not permitted to tow trailers or other vehicles.  All Vander vehicles equipped with a hitch receiver will have a lock to prevent unauthorized use.  Tampering with the lock voids this contract and the renter will be responsible for all resulting fees and expenses.  

  • Clients may reserve the bike carrier package as a paid add-on during booking.  This package allows access to the hitch mount to use a Vander swing-arm bike carrier, or to mount their own bike carrier.  The renter must contact Vander in advance to confirm bike carrier compatibility.  The renter must bring their hitch-mounted rack to departure, or the hitch lock will not be removed.  


16.  Restrictions

  • Vander vehicles are strictly prohibited from traveling into Mexico.  

  • During winter months, avoid travel through areas with snow and ice on the roads, or where the temperatures are below freezing.  

  • Vander vehicles are prohibited from travel on non-public, unpaved or dirt roads, or in off-road areas.  Violation of this rule voids insurance coverage for the rental period.  

  • Accessing the roof of Vander vehicles is prohibited, unless the vehicle is equipped with a roof tent.  Under no circumstances will renters stand on, or place weight directly on, the roof of the vehicle.  Evidence of unauthorized use of the roof will result in insurance claim or withholding of the security deposit to repair any damage incurred.  

  • The following uses of Vander vehicles are prohibited and constitute a breach of this agreement: 

    • Transport of more people than the number of installed safety belts in the vehicle

    • Transport of children without federally-approved child safety restraint or seat in accordance with state law

    • Operation associated with any illegal or unsafe purpose, or for transporting any illegal substance

    • Possession or transport of firearms

    • Operation of the vehicle by anyone who is not a verified driver, not licensed to drive, whose license is suspended, or whose license is restricted due to past violations

    • Operation of the vehicle by anyone under the influence of alcohol, non-prescription drugs, or prescribed medication that impairs the ability to operate a motor vehicle

    • Operation of the vehicle in furtherance of any illegal purpose or under any circumstances that could be charged as a crime, other than minor traffic violations

    • Operation of the vehicle in a race or any speed contest

    • Operation of the vehicle to teach a student driver

    • Operation of the vehicle when tire pressure is low or it is otherwise reasonable to expect the renter to know that further operation of the vehicle will cause damage

    • Operation of the vehicle to commit a willful, wanton, reckless, or negligent act with the vehicle

  • The renter acknowledges that violation of the use restrictions will void this contract and place full responsibility and liability for any damage or penalty on the renter. 


17.  Fees

  • Additional Mileage.  Reservations include a total driving allowance of 150 miles per day reserved.  The total driving mileage is calculated by subtracting the departure odometer reading from the return odometer reading.  Additional miles past the included mileage allowance cost $.35 per mile and will be charged to the credit card on file after the return check-in. 

Example:  a 3-night reservation includes 600 travel miles at no additional cost (150 miles x 4 days).  If the van returns with 700 total trip miles, the additional 100 miles will cost $35 upon check-in. 

  • Pets. Only dogs (no other species of animal) are allowed to travel in Vander vehicles, subject to approval and the collection of a $25 fee per dog.  Pet requests must include the breed, weight, and age of each dog.  Vander reserves the right to deny pet requests at our discretion. 

The renter is responsible for the cost of any damage or cleaning requirements caused by the pet.  Undisclosed pets in the vehicle will result in an automatic $300 cleaning fee charged to the security deposit.


18.  Miscellaneous

  • Personal Property.  The renter is responsible for all personal property that was left or carried in the vehicle.  Left items can be returned by post or delivery at the renter’s expense. 

  • Personal Injury. The renter releases Vander and its representatives from claims for personal, bodily, or mental injury, or economic loss or damage during the rental period.  

  • Renter Damage. If the campervan and/or included equipment are damaged during the rental period, the renter is responsible to pay repair or replacement costs, whether at fault or not, or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc).  

  • Waiver.  Our failure to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement is not a waiver of any rights or remedies with another party.

  • Governing Law and Venue. This agreement shall be interpreted and enforced according to the laws of the State of Virginia.  Both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the state court for any action regarding this Agreement, and both parties waive any right to object to the jurisdiction of the state court.

  • Severability.  If any portion of this agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

  •  Attorneys’ Fees.  In the event a dispute arises regarding this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover attorneys’ fees and costs. 

  •  Modifications.  No term of this agreement can be waived or modified except by a written document signed by all parties.

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